Winner of ✨Best Press-Ons✨
Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Awards 2023

You didn't hear it from me but… 

Nude pink base with abstract white tips and gold glitter accents.
Shape: Pear Cut
Length: Medium

You can either use the adhesive stickers for a short commitment or our non-toxic glue for longer-lasting wear.

Prep: Start by washing your hands and ensure they're completely dry before beginning. Then gently buff the tops of your natural nail and pushing your cuticles back. After, prepping your manicure, use the alcohol prep pad across each nail to remove any oils or residue. Then, select your sizes for each finger and lay them out in order for an easy application.

Set: Apply using either glue or adhesive stickers, one finger at a time. Press down gently and repeat until all the nails are secured.

Go: Time to take over the world with your fresh new set!

Our kits contain: 24 luxe press-on nails in a variety of sizes, prep pad, nail file, orange wood stick, durable adhesive tabs and non-toxic nail glue… because we love us some options!

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