Creativity is art

and art is just about anything.

I'm an artist at heart, and expressing myself through nails has always been a huge source of creativity for me. Having a fresh set of nails makes me feel like I am empowered to take on anything and I've created these designs to share that feeling with you.

Mix-match, shape, color and cut to create a look that's entirely your own. 

You have the ability to create something beautiful in this life, and I hope my first collection inspires your creativity within!




You’ll fall for anything,

If you don't stand for something.

We aim to provide high-quality, cruelty-free, easy to use products at an attainable price-point. We are focused on being a positive impact company, contributing to the world in ways that benefit society and the individual. 

We are committed to providing equal opportunities of employment by showcasing talent of all backgrounds, behind the scenes and “on-screen” within our brand. We celebrate all humans and uplift all voices, but we hold no space for negativity.

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