how to apply

Prep Your Diamonds

1. Any fresh #MariMani starts with a clean set of hands. 

#MariProTip: Ensure your hands are completely dry before starting your application. 

2. Let’s get started! Pick the press-on that best fits each nail, and lay them out in the order you'll apply.

3. Time to prep your nails - use the provided wooden tool to gently push down your cuticles. File your natural nails and lightly buff, which increases the chances of long-lasting adhesion.

#MariProTip: When buffing and filing, use the tools in one direction. 

4. Wipe your nails with the alcohol prep pad to ensure a clean slate.

Apply and Set Your Diamonds

We love us some options here at MXM! 

The adhesive stickers are made for a short commitment or our non-toxic glue for longer-lasting wear. 

Durable, double-sided adhesive stickers: Start by measuring the right sticker for your nail by hovering over each finger. Once selected, remove one from the sticker sheet and stick to the back of the press-on nail. Remove the other side of the film and place the sticky side onto your nail. 

Non-toxic glue: Apply a thin layer of glue to your natural nail and a drop to the back of the press-on nail. 

You can also use a base coat gel and curing light instead of the glue, if you’re a pro!

Apply the press-on to your natural nail, once in place, hold the nail down for 30 seconds.

#MariProTip: No need to rush the process. Work on one nail at a time, the glue dries fast! 

Repeat on all nails and go take over the world with your new fresh set! Your Art is your business. You can cut, file, shape and color your Mari by Marsai nails however you like. 

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